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Guide to Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarm systems are a worthwhile investment for the ongoing security, and protection of your home and family, and are a  proven deterrent against burglary and crime.

There are many different types of intruder alarm systems available for domestic and business use but they can be broadly categorised into 2 main groups:-

  • Wired bells only intruder alarm systems

  • Wired monitored intruder alarm systems

The issue is further complicated as both the above types can be available as hard-wired or wirefree security systems.

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Strathand Security can supply complete intruder alarm kits, wired or wirefree, ready for DIY installation.   Alternatively, if you wish to have your intruder alarm system installed by our fully trained installation team we will carry out a completely free of charge, no obligation, survey of your premises.

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Bells Only Intruder Alarm Systems

When the intruder alarm system is triggered by one of the system detectors, an outside bell or siren is activated.
This will inform the burglar that they have been detected and will encourage them to leave the premises.

The mere presence of an intruder alarm system may also persuade a burglar to find an easier target.

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Monitored Intruder Alarm Systems

Intruder alarms can be monitored via an auto dialler which will contact a pre-selected list of telephone numbers, e.g. mobile, friends, family or neighbour.   Alternatively an intruder alarm digital communicator can be connected to the intruder alarm system, whereby all activations are forwarded to our Alarm receiving Centre (ARC) which is fully manned and operational 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.    On receipt of activations the ARC staff will forward activations to the relevent personel e.g. Police, Ambulance, Fire and relevent keyholders.

An autodialler may be suitable for most domestic and some small commercial installations, however it is reliant on keyholder response and  therefore it must be assumed that the person answering the call will react appropriately to the relevent  alarm activation.

The central monitoring station offers the highest level of security, as the monitoring station is continually manned, with all activations, and actions taken, fully logged on computer.   It is also a requirement that the alarm system is fitted, or maintained, by an SSAIB approved installer in order to enable a police response in the event of an intruder alarm activation.

Wire Free Systems

For installations where adequate concealment of cabling cannot be accomplished, wirefree intruder alarm systems should be considered.   In the past wirefree systems earned themselves a reputation for poor reliability, however the latest improvements in wirefree technology ensure that wirefree intruder alarm systems are now generally very reliable. Wirefree alarms are much easier to install so are within the scope of DIY however they are more expensive than hard-wired systems.