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Fire Alarm Systems

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There are two basic types of fire alarm systems:

  • Conventional
  • Addressable

The conventional system provides warnings of fire within a geographical area in the premises.   An addressable system provides a detailed location point of the fire alarm activation.    Addressable systems are most suitable for those premises that are either particularly large or difficult to divide into natural geographical areas.

In addition to fire alarm systems, there are also air-sampling systems.   These systems constantly sample the air in the environment looking for smoke particles.   Due to the sensitivity of these systems, fires can be detected at a very early stage.   Detection systems will inform of a fire starting. Technology has moved on to systems that are able to prevent fires escalating by automatically extinguishing them.   This is done through the rapid release of inert gas which deprives the area of oxygen therefore stopping the fire before it can progress.   These systems are ideal for computer rooms, archive storage facilities or data storage areas.

In fire safety legislation there is nothing to dictate the type of panel that is required.   This important decision should be made purely on best practice. Your fire safety adviser will advise on all aspects of setting up and maintaining an effective fire prevention programme.   Our qualified engineers and technicians will offer a package of services to ensure the safety of your business and staff.

Considerations for an effective fire prevention programme include:

  • Results of a Fire Risk Assessment
  • Design and fitting of emergency lighting to aid escape
  • Checking and expanding existing detection systems
  • Installation and maintenance to current British standards
  • Providing staff training in fire prevention methods
  • Ensuring adequate storage of fire reports and logs


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A major refurbishment of Strathclyde Fire & Rescue''s Main Command & Control Center/ICT Centre of Excellence saw Strathand install and commission an addressable fire alarm system complete with Vesda air sampling systems fitted within the server rooms.

(SFR Command & Control Center)